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  1. Recurrent winters — and the need to plan ahead for them — produce intelligence in a way that permanent winters do not.North America does not have permanent winters. Why didn't the native americans create any civilizations like the Amerindians of central America who had no winters to plan ahead for?

  2. Sueli OVB disse:LINA Como todos já disseram, senti falta da novidade do dia. Mas os pitaqueiros estão sempre em ação e, mesmo sem novidades, continuam se comunicando.Beijos

  3. “if you can’t afford fertility treatments, you can’t afford a baby” should stuff it… Did you have to buy a $15,000 crib for your baby? Bet you would have made it work if it was the only way you could have the baby (and family) you’d dreamed about since you were a little girl.

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